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In the St. Louis community, Daniel B. Feinberg Real Estate Company enjoys an excellent reputation which has been built by a tradition of active community service and careful attention to detail. All of our agents are full-time real estate professionals, many of whom hold advance Realtor designations because of continuing education, volume of sales, or demonstrated leadership. Additionally, Feinberg agents are passionately involved in their communities. It is the unique combination of professionalism, activism, and tradition that exemplifies a Feinberg Real Estate agent, and therefore, the entire company. In this world of Internet shopping, fast food, and sound bites, it's important to find a real estate company that has a long, solid, and unbroken record of service and integrity in the community in which you are interested. With an office strategically located on the western boundary of the City of St. Louis, Feinberg Real Estate serves the City of St. Louis and the Central Corridor of St. Louis County.  After examining our company closely, its officers, its agents, and its reputation, choose Feinberg for your next real estate transaction. You will begin a long, satisfying partnership that will serve all of your real estate needs efficiently and beneficially. ,                                       Search the St. Louis Area Listings